5 Quick Techniques to Calm the Crazy

Techniques are timestamped below:

Several women I've spoken to lately have been struggling with overwhelm and anxiety-- having a difficult time coping the challenges that arise and being able to calm down when they actually have time to. I've been there!!

I used to struggle with anxiety and overwhelm as a way of life and still have my moments. So today I'm sharing 5 techniques for simple grounding/meditation. They can be used on their own or mix n match. No prior experience with meditation needed. I present them in succession to move more easily from a flustered moment all the way into a simple meditation practice. But have no fear... if you don't have time or don't want to see all 5 I have timestamped each technique below for you to check out. Just play with them at your leisure-- no shoulds or have-tos, just do what feels good for you right now.

Letting Go Breaths 1:20

Fingertips & Breath 2:11

Balloon & Breath 4:17

Body Grounding 5:10

Heart Release 7:27

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