Be a Beginner: Flip the Script on Mistakes

Maybe the hardest part of starting something new with the intention of getting better at it, can be the steep learning curve the and the subsequent barrage of mistakes we make in getting to "being good at it". It can feel like you're fighting a losing battle at times and much easier to focus on what you're doing wrong than anything else. But one of my greatest and most helpful lessons has been shifting my thoughts on this one. Instead of tracking the analytics of all my mis-steps, I'm making lists of all the new things I've learned as a result of my mistakes. Making it that much less likely that I'll make that mistake again and more likely that I'm finding more success and efficiency as I go! And it helps me stay in more gratitude which helps me attract more of what I want.

How's your attitude about making mistakes? What parts are most challenging? Where do you get stuck? Also what's working for you? Any success stories you can share to inspire others?