IVF Vlog 3: My Overwhelm Breakdown & Awakening

Deciding to try and have a human baby after just starting my business baby may have been one of my crazier moments. While it feels intuitive and some family circumstances have forced the time issue for the baby, my nearly 40 year old brain has had a hard time with the logic and reason of this. And that lead to bit of a break down... and luckily, a subsequent awakening.

Overwhelm has always been a storyline throughout my life, and just when I get a handle on it, the Universe challenges me to step up my game. This is that story. I got schooled pretty good last week, but it's actually been great. Maybe sometimes overwhelm is really adaptive, this was one of those times! Listen in for the insights and if you're a parent who's been on this train before- share your experience and wisdom!