The SheRises Project


What we can do. Together.


When you donate to the SheRises Project, you are giving a woman or girl permission to use her voice, care for herself and to take courageous action to create the life she desires!  Women are made to feel that it's selfish to put their needs/wants before that of others or even at the same priority as others.  Females of all ages are often judged and criticized when they use their voice to speak their truth or act on their needs, making it that much more difficult to speak up.

But we know that when we consistently care for ourselves, we create a sustaining reservoir of energy for enjoying our lives & serving others!

Through micro-grant funding, The SheRises Project signals to women and girls that it's safe to ask for what they want/need and they do not have to do it alone!  When you donate you are helping a girl get the materials to open a lemonade stand or buy the equipment to play a sport she loves. You are helping a woman travel out of the country for the first time, get counseling for she and a partner, hire a babysitter so that she can go to the gym or take a knitting class, take a course for new certification, or start her own business!  95% of all contributions will go toward these grant awards, and the rest will go toward administrative costs.  Thank you for your support in helping women connect with themselves so they can better connect with the world!!